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"I started feeling like my hair was not growing right some time during the past 2 years and I confirmed it when I did a length check at the beginning of this year and I had only grown about 2 inches of hair over the past year. What can I do to make it grow again?"
Our answer
The first thing you need to do is retrace your steps. Have you slacked off on your routine lately? Nows the time to get back on the ball.

Don't forget that your hair can suffer from routine fatigue so switch up your regimens and products and treat your kinks to something new.
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Born in the Outer Sunset, San Franpsycho originally began as a surfing film documenting the local Ocean Beach surf scene in 2001. After the film, fans identified with the name and demanded we make clothing. So we learned the art of screen-printing, creating various garments in a dark basement by night, and selling out of of an orange and black zebra-striped van named Big Chaos by day.