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August 16, 2021
Gymming whilst natural

Washday, is a mammoth of a task which can see us rocking the trusty puff for days if we’re not up for it. That has to change however when one chooses to better ones health and hit the gym a few days a week for the old fupa. But just want does this mean for washday? Is it still a once a week thing or do we bump it up to 2 washes a week?

I know our scalp sweats while working out and I know most natural hair people wash like every 2 weeks.

I’m going to start going to the gym 6x a week. Does that mean I should wash my hair every week?  Should I wash every week due to product build up of the sweats?

This is how the internet responded


usually wash my hair once a week, but since hitting the gym I wash my hair twice a week. I was worried my hair/scalp wouldn’t agree with it, but everything is going well. I just can’t deal with the sweat and dirt sitting on my scalp after a gym session, it just bothers me.
So…If you wash every two weeks, I guess you can wash every week. If you wash every week I would say you wash twice within that week.


Here's my rant. You should be washing your hair weekly regardless and combing your hair down to the root. I DO NOT understand why still in 2021 anyone is on a two week schedule. Although I am no longer natural I still washed my hair 1x without working out and 2x when I was, braids, relaxer, natural, whatever. Please wash your hair often.


I tried to was once a week, at least every other week. Maybe not a full wash day, or just a rinse, but something to keep the sweat from building up. If I have braids, I use a dry shampoo/foam or no-rinse scalp cleanser every few days.

Theres obviously a good reason to increase the frequency of your washday especially when working out daily, but let’s be honest even if you can’t live up to the increase in washes we really wouldn’t hold it against you.  

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