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How to make DIY Shampoo for Natural Hair Growth| Ayurvedic Hair Care Natural Hair Shampoo

DIY Shampoo for Natural Hair| Homemade Shampoo for Hair Growth and Dandruff| Ayurvedic Hair Care Natural Hair Sampoo
Learn how to make a DIY Shampoo for natural hair growth.This shampoo will also, Stop Hair Loss, & Fights Dandruff. Using ayurvedic herbs can help to gentle cleanse and condition your hair

Homemade Shampoo recipe
2 teabags of Hibiscus
2 cups of water
5 teaspoons Shikakai
2 teaspoons Neem
6 teaspoons Haritaki

146g of Herbal Water
6 g of Honey
10g of Glycerin
0.3-0.5g of Xantham Gum

Oil Phase
16g of Stearic Acid
10g of Ayurvedic Oil
6g of Babassu Oil

Cool down
4g of essential oil
2g of preservatives
Aritha Powder Shampoo
Haritaki Powder for Hair and Skin Health
Shikakai- The best shampoo for dry hair
Neem Oil for hair fall

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