4c natural hair slick down 2 jumbo braids pigtail using braiding hair | short hair protective style

Protective styles

4C Natural Hair Slick down 2 Jumbo Braids Pigtail using Braiding Hair | Short Hair Protective Style

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Today's video is a detailed Natural Hair Tutorial showing how to slick down short 4c Natural Hair into 2 Jumbo Braids Pigtail using Braiding Hair. I hope you all enjoy this detailed short hair protective style tutorial where I show you all how to #slickdown short 4C Natural Hair into 2 jumbo braids pigtail #protectivestyle #jumbobraids. If it was helpful, please don't forget to give me a big thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe. LOVE YOU!

1. Parting comb
2. Butterfly clamps
3. Hair comb
4. Bristle brush
5. Spray bottle of water
6. Jamaican Black castor oil
7. Cantu Leave-in conditioner
8. Style Factor edge booster gel
9. 2 packs of Ezbraids extensions braiding hair - COLOR 1
10. scissors

You can get this from your own LOCAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE or online

4C Natural Hair Doesn't Slick Down!? LOOK AT WHAT SHE DID! Slick down Short 4C Natural Hair Tutorial

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