6 Length retention tips to grow long 4c hair/how to retain maximum length on your natural hair

Hair growth

Hey Queen,  in today's video I share 6 easy tips to retain length on your 4c natural hair. it took me over 8 years to grow waistlenght natural hair simply because I wasn't retaining as much length that I needed to grow my hair longer faster. to date I did my first big chop after my waistlenght goal and is now heading back to waistlenght with one main goal in mind! that is to take you on the journey with me by showing you my methods every step of the way to make the natural hair growth process much more easier for you than I had it.  you see the key to growing long 4c natural hair is length retention please forget about the thoughts that it doesn't grow and focus on how to retain you hair growth even if it is at a minimum rate you will see significant changes by just doing what I discussed in this video.